Photographers with Cameras

As a photographer, I often wonder what other photographers look like, so I spent a little time looking through some of the pictures of photographers on Dreamstime. In many cases someone had taken a photograph of a photographer whilst the photographer herself/himself was taking a photograph.

© Nejron

This concept struck me as a little bizarre – did the photographer know they were being photographed? Had they taken the photograph of themselves as a working self-portrait? The more I thought about it, the more intrigued I became so I decided to create a collection of photographs of photographers with their cameras.

As there are hundreds of pictures of photographers on Dreamstime there had to be some way of narrowing them down to create a collection. But what criteria should I apply to begin that process? I decided to include only pictures of “real” photographers, not models with cameras posing for a photographer.

Despite being ruthless the models made it in – some of the shots were just so compelling they had to be included. We must be a good looking lot as (glamour shots aside) it was quite hard at times to distinguish who was a “real” photographer and who was a model.

© Mira

I enjoyed creating the "Photographers with Cameras" collection – have a look as your self-portrait might be in it or your photograph of a photographer taking a photograph might be in it. I had fun trying to work out if the person in the photograph is a photographer or a model....can you tell?

Photo credits: Yordan Rusev, Konstantin Sutyagin, Mira Janacek, Nejron, Patrick, Sparkia.

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May 15, 2010


There is something very fascinating to click a photographer photographing.
And if it is taken without his knowledge, so much the better.

September 08, 2009


Thanks Wildmac - I didn't add a link to the collection as I couldn't find any info on how to do it - like you, I was worried I'd mess it up!

Hi Mani - like you, I've noticed increased traffic to my port since setting up my collections, but until I read your blog I hadn't actually made the connection....but I will definitely keep an eye on views this time around to see if there's a link (even though none of my pics are in the Photographers with Cameras collection).

September 07, 2009


Cool! The other side if the Camera :)
But I don't know how is this subject selling in Microstocks!
Let us see your results. Cheers ;)

September 07, 2009


Good idea! I'm hiding behind my camera in my profile (I wouldn't want to scare off any potential customers) heehee. You forgot to add a link to your collection in your blog. I'd add it for you, only I'm not too good at adding links without messing things up. Cheers :0)

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