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Following on from a blog I wrote last week I would like to write about a great piece of free software that I discovered to help me plan photography trips.

We all know hat sunsets and rises have been done to death here on Dreamstime so if you are going to submit one it needs to be great to be considered good enough to get onto to the portfolio!

© Roza
As I mentioned I am off to Budapest this month and thought I would try a city sunset but trying to work out where and at what time to set up was proving complictaed then cam across a free piece of software that runs on a google maps base through Adobe Air. Essentially it shows you where the moon or sun will be rising and at what time when you put a marker on a map.

It would seem that in the day of my trip I can get a nice moonrise and sunset from a very picturesque part of the city over looking at the Danube and then the following morning a sunrise over St Istvan Basilika from another great vantage point.

I am heading to the City primarily just to take photographs for the day as my wife has some things to do there so I am hoping to come back with SD Card loaded with images to put up here :D

Unfortunately it cannot control the weather so I will be keeping my fingers crossed for this weekend :D

Photo credits: Europhotos, Roza.

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Not sure about the cost for apple products Afagundes as I have n time for them but TPE for a PC is a free download :D

Thanks for throwing in another option!


Another software for iPad is lightrack, basically the same thing as TPE, but cheaper


Impressing photos, thanks for the helpful information!


Thanks for the tips, Have a great time in Budapest. All the best!


Thanks folks, I am sure I will share what I have learned from my trip and a few pictures I f I manage to take anything worthy of getting on here :)

I really like the software though really adds a level of planning into where to be at a what time and which direction to look in!


Thanks for the useful link. Hope your trip goes as "planned"


Planning everything :) We'll be expecting a blog about the whole thing when you return.


Have a great weekend in Budapest and good luck with the weather!

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