Photographers Shame

My husband and I went to a motocross event for me to practice on that type of photography. Of course there was a "known" photographer that takes photos of the kids and teens there, and takes great photos. Let me remind you that there are little kids, like 5 years old and up to the teens.

My heart was filled with inspiration and total amazement with what these kids can do. My sister and I have ridden dirt bikes years and years ago, so I know how long it takes to learn... and of course you fall, eat dirt!

But again, this was not a "pro" event and this photo really upset me and my heart was so hurt for this little kid. The responsibility of anyone, regardless if you are a photographer or whomever, you should help, or shall I just assume that a photographer would help.

This guy was only maybe 10 feet or so from the little kid that fell, the only person running to help was the announcer that was far away. I was on the other side of the track, but if I was where he was standing, I would of been there in a flash to help him.

I can assume alot of things, that maybe there might be a liability etc.. but please.. This really made me look at this photographer totally differently. Shame, shame on him.

Shame please click here to see the photo.

Any comments about this.. please feel free to do so. ;0)

Photo credits: Pkruger.

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June 29, 2008


That's really a shame!

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