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Photographic Adventures

When we travel we make a series of shifts with all our equipment.

For this reason in the planning of a photographic service, the choice of the correct photographic equipment is very important in order to avoid mistakes and problems for our work.

When we operate in the natural environment we must consider the elements and the climatic adversities. In fact sand, water sprays, warm, salt and humidity can cause serious damages.

Various small bags are necessary to protect the equipment in these situations. In commerce there are also some cameras created to avoid or to eliminate these problems.

One the fundamental elements of an equipment is the tripod. A light tripod is useful but it must be also stable. For example some tripods are available in alloy of magnesium or carbon.

Then the practicalness of a tripod is also conditioned by its "head": ballhead for a rapid adjustment, three movements for a set of precision. Some heads for tripods have a rapid slide junction which is very useful for its rapidity of use.

In order to choose a good tripod, it is also important to consider the possibility of the widening and movement of its legs.

Without the tripod is impossible, for example, to make good shots of daybreaks and sunsets or wonderful photographs of little waterfalls or streams where the water looks like "smoke" with times of filling long enough.

To conclude it is fundamental that all our equipment isn't too heavy to avoid that our photographic adventures will become a hell!

Photo credits: Tanja Rosso.

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June 09, 2009


I cant do without my tripod as it makes me slow down and think thanks you are so right.

June 20, 2008


Thank god I still using rangefinders. SLR systems are quite heavy. Yes and there is no substitute for tripod if you want razor sharp images. Tripods are recommended if your shutter speed is slower than focal length of lens which you r using.



January 28, 2008


Thanks Dabobabo and Leda! You are very kind! :) Yes, to my way of thinking a good tripod can solve various problems and it help us to make good shots! ;) Bye...!

January 28, 2008


ehi! You are one true expert, i do not neither know what the tripod is!

January 25, 2008


Thanks Rob! You are very kind... :) Your work is great! Bye ;)

January 25, 2008


Hi Tanja! I like your concept of "photographic adventure"... And I like your style: your portfolio is very elegant. Wild grasses give me a sensation of peaceful harmony. Congrats! Bye, Rob.

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