Photographic time update

Just a follow-up for those of you who read my blog on photography time. I have started to carry my camera with me more often. This photo of my best friend Brady came from the weekly trip to the dog park. this seems to be a model rich environment and the puppies don't mind if you don't have a model release!

I have found several opportunities since starting this. Unfortunately I can not get the weather in my part of the country to cooperate. have started making notes in a small notebook to plan future shoots on better weather days. in this book I list the possible subject, exact location, time of day and lighting conditions to look for.

If any of you know a way to coax the sun out more often and chase away the snow please let me know! I hope more of you are finding the time and opportunities to practice your creative art

Shetland sheepdog

Shetland sheepdog

Photo credits: David Coleman.

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Thanks.for.the encouragement physi28. Cloud cover has been very heavy this Year and rain and snow has been plentiful. Photo days even with acceptable aoft light have been rare since novmber. Been frustrating. Tomorrow is my to venture out and once again the forecast is for snow all day. Looking forward to spring!


Well the snow can add a plus for many photographies and the sun causes harsh shadows, unless it's really dull we can profit any weather as long it doesn't rain.


Thank you Inyrdreams. I hope spring comes soon. I'm getting restless and need to get out to photograph. It's like going through withdrawal!


the nice thing about spring is sooner or later she has to keep her promise!
nice portfolio

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