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Beach, summer, beautiful girls and a camera. What is necessary for the present photographer?

Let's disassemble the given photographing. Very interesting shots turn out on a decline when it is visible both sitting down the sun and model. It can be as well as a silhouette a photo , and with the proexhibited foreground (model) and back.

Let's disassemble two kinds:

Without flash use

With flash

© Iofoto

1. Use of natural light.

Usually the sun gives very sharp light in the summer, certainly it will be ideal to remove in cloudy weather that light laid down exactly, or to photograph in the evening after 17.00 hours.

Use any external factors: rocks, mountains and or on the contrary a deserted beach. The sun should be behind the photographer under 45

1. The photographer

2. Model

3. An light source.

It is possible to use also a reflector that there were no sharp shades sideways models.

2. Flash use.

It is applied very often. It helps to allocate model, the effect of photographing in studio is gained. Is better to use the external flash, thus fixed not in a boot the camera.

It is possible to use two most widespread schemes:

With an umbrella on a gleam

With a reflecting umbrella

1. The photographer

2. Model

3 Flash

4. An umbrella

Here I have specified, how it is possible to arrange umbrellas with flashes (the Variant I and II). Pictures in I variant will be more contrast.

To receive photos where the background and model measure an exposition (without flash) a background will be visible. It is possible to reduce by some steps exposition gauging (-1EV …-2EV) that the background has been blacked more out. Further we include flash and we set up flash by increase or power reduction that the model has been completely shined.

Photo credits: Iofoto.

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August 03, 2011


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