Photographing Cannabis

Trio of Medical Cannabis Buds

Cannabis is one of the most interesting subjects that you can photograph.A bud of cannabis is a natural occuring subject that has layers and layers of detail to each and every one. You have the vibrant greens and orange hairs that give these flowers a very unique appeal. The detail doesn't stop there. The closer you look the more you see.

As you zoom into a bud you can see the trichomes that are the main cause of the desired effect of these flowers. Each one of these trichomes looks like a clear or white mushroom. When you have a good enough cluster you end up with this surreal landscape that looks like a forest made up of fungus. There are very few plants that exists with a world within a world.

A stock of hemp also has a unique pattern to it. An extremely healthy plant can have and almost pentagon or start like shape to it. This doesn't happen with every plant but when you come a cross one that make for the perfect subject when you want to make a unique nature photograph.

While in many parts of the globe this plant is still illegal there are numerous places where these laws have been reformed. For the photographer who is looking for a new subject, these law changes open a whole new door to capture beautiful patterns and super detailed pictures. Flowers have always been a great subject when you want to have great patterns and colors. The flowers of the cannabis plant sets itself apart from other flowers. When the buds are dried out they take on shapes that normal flowers don't form. For some these do not look as cool as say an orchid does, but the trick is you have to get in close to see this universe in action. You will have to practice your macro skills to really be able to get all the detail but practice makes perfect.

Photo credits: Jonathan Peloquin.

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February 06, 2015


If anyone wants to know more or have run into a problem doing this kind of photography please feel free to leave a question in the comments! If you want to learn more about the culture history or medical advances I also contribute at this site here:

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