Photographing Horses - A Unique Perspective

Horses are majestic creatures. Their powerful size alone demands your respect. Its not easy getting a close up shot.

What I've discovered is if the goal is to capture horse portraits or head shots the trick is to get the proper shot angle.

Horses have large odd shaped heads and they stand significantly taller than most humans. Most of the time a photographer ends up shooting up or at the same level as the animal. Sometimes this will distort the horse's muzzle or give unflattering results.

When photographing head shots and portraits its important to get close and fill the frame. Profile shots work really well.

My strongest recommendation is to squat down get low and shoot up at the horse. This produces some very dramatic shots with the sky in the background. Be sure and meter for the sky and use a fill flash on the horse. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the shots you take from this unique perspective.

Photo credits: Sgcallaway1994.

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April 28, 2010


Some good points here.
I did spend some time at the race course during their practice sessions and I see your point.

November 30, 2008


Hakansenturk2005 ~ I agree with everything you mentioned. I hope to see your horse pictures soon on dreamstime. ;-} thanks for reading the blog!

November 30, 2008


Shooting horse picture needs patience,time and a little bit luck of course. I am working with students and we went on a picnic, i saw two horses and tried to take their photograph, and i am very happy because i have 5 great horse photos with a rural background.

November 06, 2008


Absolutely love horses -- I used to compete in the hunter division jumping Thoroughbreds and sport horses (warmbloods). Your blog is very helpful and in addition it would be useful to know what angles breeders of specific horses like to see in a photo. Each breed has defining features that fans of those like to see. Your shot of the foal is especially nice. Good luck

November 05, 2008


Well stated,...agree completely! Especially when shooting miniatures,...although tough to get that low, makes a world of difference with the image's impact. Thanks for sharing!....;-)


November 04, 2008


Thanks for the kudos & encouragement. It really helps us newbies!

November 04, 2008


Love your great horse photographs, and your nice blog! Thanks and good luck here...

Best regards,

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