Photographing the production of industrial enterprises

Photographing the production of industrial enterprises is quite a frequent task for a professional photographer . At the same time, one can work qualitatively with the topic of the industry. These notes may help the photographer, who tomorrow has to do what he never did - to shoot the production. And I can advise the customer one thing - invite someone who knows how to.

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I'll start with the platitudes. If you are bored at the factory, if you see cheekbones and a labeling machine when you see a crushing and sorting line, it's not industrial photography for you, take off your weddings. Without interest in the subject of photography, it turns out to be insanely boring, which, however, concerns almost any area of ​​human activity. In production, honey is not smeared (if it is not a confectionery, of course), weddings are a hundred times more profitable.

If Discovery is your favorite channel, and the most desired childhood toy is a broken neighbor TV, then you can try.

Although you are a photographer, you should not start with photography. Photography of the industry requires a thoughtful approach and understanding of the subject, a simple jogging with the camera through the shops will be an empty loss of time for both the photographer and the enterprise. Even at the first conversation, ask the customer to tell about the production. Kilograms, degrees and chemical formulas you do not need, try in general to present the entire production chain - from the warehouse of raw materials to the finished goods warehouse. Most often you can ask for an excursion, the customer usually comes to meet. Do not hesitate to ask questions - you are a professional photographer, from you, as from a doctor, there are no secrets.

The outfit of the photographer is usually not so important to prepare specially. All the necessary issues, as a rule, on the spot. I would advise not to save on soft rags, polyethylene bags and protective filters - in many industries it is very dusty. If you give protective glasses, respirators, gas masks and other - do not giggle, the person responsible for TB because of the photographer does not want to go to prison, he has children at home.

Often in one day, photography of both production and office is conducted. We must start from the office, no matter how much we would like to leave tea from a young accountant for later. After shops and warehouses you will be dirty and tired.

Photo credits: Warrengoldswain.

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