Photographing a running woman with sunset

In this period, there is beautiful cloudy sky. The beauty is emphasized in sunset. I couldn

I was very pleased with the result and today Dreamstime has approved my images of running woman over sunset.

I take photos in raw and this is a great advantage as I experiment variety with colors. Like in this case. I could add more blue or more pink colors. The silhouette remainded always the black and so I could play without any problem just with sky. I really love to work with raw as the quality is kept and one can play with contrast, colors and tonality as much as images can get so various moods.

Photo credits: Starblue.

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Thanks to all for your nice comments, "Ampyang" - yes, I have more of them, but I have chosen the best for uploading :-)


Wohoo... cool idea!
I bet you have more of it ;)


Great shots, silhouettes against the right background can look amazing,Best wishes.


Nice images as always!!!
Different colors of the clouds are really amazing,you are so luck.


As always your images are great :0)


Thanks to all for your nice comments, they are really appreciated - oh, yes, Desislava - she had to run and run and run :-) but now she is happy with the result as well as me :-)


Nice photos! Hope you did quick shots, so your friend didn't run long time :))


Great shot, your portfolio gives me lots of inspiration and has good mix


Great shots, what a good idea! :0)


Nice shots, indeed keep shooting! Good luck with them.
Cheers :)


Thank you, Halient, indeed, it is also my favorite. I have seen your portfolio, what beautiful images of undersea world, good luck with them!


cool shots, i like the top one

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