Photography ‘grammar’

There are lots of talks about stock photography and the special ingredients to make it sellable. Like everything else photography has its own grammar, such as contrast, lighting, composition, and other aspects to make a good photo. Yet, often times a photo violating common rules could be striking and make it a superb photo. I guess this is all the fun of photography.

‘Grammar or not, the only way to produce good photos is to take out your camera and take pictures.’ A professional photographer friend of mine said to me. This is way I always have a point and shoot camera with me all the time. The same friend said that he was puzzled that lots of times after an assignment his editor would choose the ‘mediocre’ photo against his recommended artistic version. I guess personal perceptions play a big part here. And an editor probably knows a lot better what kind of pictures will do better for his/her magazine.

While exploring the secret ingredient to stock photography, you might want to think about the themes that sell better, the overall color of a photo, the way it is composed. Not too much different from general photography. The only thing I trust is that I need to do my best when taking the picture under the circumstances. That is to treat each one of my photos as a unique piece.

Photo credits: Cyrille Lips.

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Thanks. I like your photos.


This SUNFLOWERS is pretty good. Your pictures are really great also. I like them so much.

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