Photography as a game

It is well known that performance sports begin at an early age.

But what about photography?

I ask you this because of my recent experience with my children.

Concerned about the fact that my daughters (like most children today) want to use the smartphones and tablets as much as possible for simplistic games that consume time and generate frustration, I have decided together with them that I will allow them to use the devices from time to time only if they take a few photos before.

Girls playing with smartphones

"But what do we have to photograph?"

"Flowers, trees, butterflies, children, yourselves, whatever you want!"

A few days of chaotic pictures followed, but the time for mobile games was shortened.

Little girl with camera in hand taking pictures.

Mother and daughter take pictures in the bedroom

Then I asked them to try to make a story in pictures. The result was surprising! I was presented with a day in the life of a dozen pigeons in the park.

Now I've installed the grid on the screen and explained the rule of thirds. Less photos are taken, but the rule is followed. The energy, the tenacity, but especially the joy of taking pictures,

make me think I'm on the right track ... at least I got rid of the games on the phone.

In my opinion let the children experience photography at least as a game so that they can make correct choices later.

Photo credits: , Iakov Filimonov, Paulus Rusyanto.

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September 27, 2017


Great idea! And a great reminder for kids of all ages not to get lost in the virtual world but to stay engaged in our real world... or at least as engaged as is possible these days.

September 26, 2017


That is some great inspiration.

My 7 years old child opens a mobile/tablet once he arrives from school and all i hear is asking me to download more games ... that as you mentioned would only cause frustration, since most are crappy and need money for more achievements.

A shift in interest especially photography would stimulate him/her positively through strengthening observation and visual communication :)

September 23, 2017


Infusing some creative habit. Great idea.

September 23, 2017


Great idea, and a lot of memories for you and your children.

September 23, 2017


Great idea, imagine how many photos would be taken if all children started doing this?

September 22, 2017


Tarboaca, add some astronomy also:))

September 21, 2017


Very good thinking Sorin! Getting the children thinking and using their imagination rather than playing repetitive game's has to be good thing :)

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