Photography - being revolutionized

My fellow friends in Dreamstime shall undoubtedly agree to me if I say that advancement in technology has made photography more fun,professional and has conquered those challenges that had troubled our old days photographers.The unimaginable degree of clarity and the rich vibrancy rendered in a high resolution photographs was never dreamt couple of decades back.

The high end DSLRs with powerful lenses gives almost flawless images becomes the moment of the day.

Digital SLRs with automatic features have gained rapid popularity among amateurs and professionals alike. High ISO settings with grain suppression have armed the photographers with the possibility of taking good photos at low light without much grains.

Anti-shake built in lenses or camera body has made the images more shake free without much tripod usage.

In my opinion all the above developments, and a lot more has truly revolutionized photography.

Photo credits: Subhrajyoti Parida.

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I totaly agree with you.

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