Photography in Cairo

I've just come back from four days in Cairo. Photographically, it was one of the most frustrating holidays ever. Why? Because you are surrounded by the most fantastic documentary/people/travel shots all the time but the opportunities to take photos are so fleeting & limited.

Cairo is an assault on the senses. But now that I have got the lay of the land, I'd love to go back & take many photos I missed out on first time around. The best photo opportunities from a travel point of view are, predictably enough, to be taken on the Giza plateau, where the main pyramids are located.

Happily, the day I went to Giza was a beautiful one, with clear blue skies & a fresh breeze. Having said that, a few puffy clouds would certainly have made my photos more dramatic. If I could go back there now, I'd take loads more photos of the camel touts and their camels in front of the pyramids, & I'd also take a camel ride to the highest POV overlooking the plateau to get a panoramic shot of the pyramids.

As it is, I was running around like a headless chicken, not sure which angle of the pyramids would be the best. I did manage to spend an entire day on the plateau, more time than is considered necessary, but I felt that as the last of the ancient world's seven wonders, the Sphinx & pyramids deserved as much time as I could afford.

Photo credits: Davidgarry.

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December 14, 2007


Great story. And very familiar feelings... :) But that's great, that sometimes those far away journeys open up our eyes to notice the beauty of our own neighborhood. And then we have plenty of time to use our camera. :)

December 14, 2007


Hi David - thanks for the comments about my blog. I really like your image 'Deadly embrace' - an excellent macro. Yes, I have heard India is similar to Egypt; great photo opps but difficult to get just right nonetheless!

December 14, 2007



I like your shots... sounds like an exciting trip. I was recently in India and had similar feelings. I especially like your shot of Trinkets - very shiny and interesting!

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