The photography; a fantastic world.

From when I was only a child, always they have been fascinated from the world of the photography. It blots some photographic, objective and films have always fascinated me. From the first scholastic trips I was already one of the little children who turned with a hung camera to the collo. I released photographies continuously and, when I re-entered to house, the problem was that one to convince the mother to develop the films.

© Rzymu
I must say that I succeeded to us nearly always. Col to pass of the years, this passion always has grown. I chose with cure the several films to use based on the photographies that I wanted to make. I was careful well to the ISO, etc… Now, with l' advent of types them, the things has been made slightly less complicated. But, at the same time, also horizons have been increased that before were preclusi to the majority of the persons. In phase of post production we can make things that before it made only that developed the films materially. Therefore, besides the moment of the release, our fantasy can be used also in is made successive. The technology goes continuously ahead. I only hope of being in degree to stargli behind.

Photo credits: Kirsty Pargeter, Rzymu.

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