Photography: how to make a commercially successful picture?

So, what should be the picture that they are interested buyers? What is the central idea should be subordinated to the concept? What is the principle author of stock photography has his fee?


The greater the image resolution, so it is more expensive. To create a high-resolution photos requires expensive special equipment that allows us to determine to what extent the level of professionalism of the author's picture.


In order to successfully sell Stock photo, you must first think about how much the buyer your content will be convenient to use. For example, a particularly flexible approach to the issue of framing. High-grade framing is an advantage, but many buyers prefer photos with empty fields, so that later the designers had the opportunity to manipulate the stock. Increase the likelihood of buying can make a photo in two versions - with or without borders them.


Especially need thoughtful approach to the problem of processing photos. Priority must be high contrast, especially for small picture sizes. One must be careful with the sharpness, increasing its neat, and with the saturation, it is not trying to increase it.

First of all, we must remember that this is not a competition for the most expressive and catchy photo. Stock image - it is a working material for advertising specialists and designers. The best option - an image that expresses the same idea, without piling up unnecessary detail, with a free site that can be used to place advertising text. Especially prized by designers in white background, obtained by illumination without using Photoshop.

Accrual earnings.

This question is of interest to anyone who plans to use photobanks to obtain a stable income. Accrual depends on what type of license to use the purchased content is used photobank. The first option - your photo can be sold once the full transfer of the buyer the right to use it. The second option - a relatively low price download Stock photo buyers to use. In this case, one photo can be sold to an unlimited number of times.

Photo credits: , Anton Petrus.

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