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Unfortunately now day’s camera still has no option “Best selling shoot”. That is why many of us (especially beginners) are thinking what is likely to sell. Suppose, we did the big research or suddenly some flash crossed our mind and IDEA is come. But how good is she? How to be in spot & to target the niche? How to adjust the direction of work?

In view of this I have found interesting to find the additional information and test the idea virtually with The system is analyzing dates from most famous stock agencies (Dreamstime, ShuterStock, ********Photo, ********, ********Photo). The related view searching pages can be opened by the right click on the abbreviation (FT,SS,IS,BS,DT- GI) on the end of the table.

For example, let to performing some searches for ’’ Family, sunset’’.

Search History : L : T : Count : Views : Sales : V/F : D/F : Rating

Family, sunset: US : 1.00: 5281: 138616: 23370 : 26.25:4.43: 116.16

- ,happy, together: US:1.00:1369: 53691: 5801: 39.22 : 4.24: 166.19

- , tropical: US:1.00: 481:29576: 1802 : 61.49:3.75: 230.36

- , togetherness: US:1.00: 752:29303: 4316 38.97 5.74 223.64

-, man, woman, child: US:0.25:301:30394: 2853: 100.98: 9.48: 957.10:

- ,man, woman, child, calm:US: 0.04: 5 : 2554: 193: 510.80: 38.60: 19,716.88

Rating < 10 is BAD. Rating > 10 and < 50 is OK. Rating > 50 and < 100 is GOOD.

Rating > 100 is a NICHE

So, we can find the popular themes or discover still the empty rooms in stock.

Additionally, the system can suggest and rate keywords “on an open-ended scale … to provide you with the highest rated keywords, those most likely to make a sale”. The suggested list needs further precocious and creative adjustment.

I hope it will help and I wish to the DT team, buyers, my colleagues photographers ALL SUCCESS, MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Photo credits: Banol2007, Lenutaidi.

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January 02, 2013


Whow! Now I realize I´am going into science...
Cool, thanks!

December 24, 2012


I've used it for while now. It's not foolproof but it helps show you if you'rre on the right track with a photo idea.

December 22, 2012


Thanks for sharing, it's a useful one. Happy Christmas everyone..

December 22, 2012


Good tool indeed, thxs for sharing. It seems I have some niches in my portfolio, I only hope the buyers'll also recognize them as a niche :-D

December 22, 2012


Very useful and interesting!Thank you for sharing!Merry Christmas everybody.. and a very happy and prosperous 2013..!

December 22, 2012


That is an interesting website. Thank you for sharing!

December 21, 2012


I am definitely going to try this! Thank you for sharing.

December 21, 2012


I just checked out and must say this is very cool!! I did a few tests and I do believe it yields valid results. Thanks very much for writing this article and providing the link.

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