Photography inside your home.

Many people find going outside into the big wide world a requirement for decent photography. Travel photos, landscapes, sunsets waterfalls.

As brilliant as these genres of photography is, there is also a strong creative element to be found within the home.

There is a plethora of creative avenues within many aspects of the home.

I challenge anyone not to find some stock worthy items within the kitchen, home office, bed room or bathroom.

Everyday consumables, food, ingredients, finished meals, utensils can all be used individually and collectively to build a winning image.

Office equipment including pens, calculators, newspapers, graphs, rulers can be used to create interesting images for business. Throw in some currency and wallah! a financial market has been opened up wide.

Getting out and about is definitely important for building a portfolio and a valuable stock library, but remember there is always something available for those wet and rainy days.

After all, not every day can be a day like this one!

Photo credits: Andrew Davis.

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September 15, 2007


I agree , sometimes we don't see the trees because of the forest.


September 15, 2007


Good point! When it's rainy and time allows to shoot, shoot at home! I have a handful of home made photos and that's probably not the end.

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