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Photography LINKS

Whoo, there's so much information about photography in the Internet, that sometimes it's very hard to think out, where to start the studies.

Great blogs, great articles, great tuts. Everywhere.

Have you ever wished that there would be a place, one and only place, where you can access all the information you need?

Well, I have. And what a joy was today to find a site what does exactly what I have dreamed of.

This site is:

I found it's very useful, but go and check out yourself.

© Nmedia
© Rjmiz

Photo credits: Alphaspirit, Hypermania37, Scott Maxwell, Nmedia, Anthony Furgison.

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October 25, 2009


:) yes, it is. I have found lots of interesting via those links there.

October 25, 2009


WOW, a wealth of information, thanks!

October 05, 2009


You are welcome, my friends. Thanks for your good words!

September 30, 2009


Thank you Maigi for sharing the great site. Kathy

September 30, 2009


Thank you Maigi for all of your awesome discoveries!! Great site... :O))

September 30, 2009


Thanks for sharing the link!

September 30, 2009


Thanks Maigi for sharing the link. It's got tons of useful information !!

September 28, 2009


Website added to favorites, thanks!

September 28, 2009


Holy, moly! That will keep a person busy for a LONG time! Thanks.

September 27, 2009


very useful, will def check it out - thanks :)

September 27, 2009


Great links

September 27, 2009


Very useful information! lots of thanks! Dragos

September 27, 2009


Thanks for the link, I will be busy for hours. Maybe I can still learn the art of photoshop some day....

September 27, 2009


Thanks for sharing the link Maigi, you're a star :0)

September 26, 2009


Thank you very much for posting,it's really useful!

September 26, 2009


Hey, glad you like it! I'm so happy that I found it. And I'm always happy to share such finds with you, my friends. Cheers! :)

September 26, 2009


Maigi as usual, always you provide the right information. Thanks for the share.

September 26, 2009


Woow, what a site! Thanks, Maigi! It's very useful!

Susan, there was a post about bamboo tablets, how are you doing with it?

September 26, 2009


Maigi, You can find anything!

Your Loyal Follower

September 26, 2009


Thanks for posting this link Maggie. Cheers ;)

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