Photography is secondary... What is primary?

Why, Jesus Christ is primary! My goal is to create more God honoring images/graphics for blogs, print ads, commercial use.

Currently I labor at being a voice for the persecuted church in restricted nations hostile to those who proclaim faith in Christ and share the Gospel message.

I create my own graphics and images for my, "Afflicted 4 Christ" blog at WordPress and would like to share with others who may want Christian stock as well.


The image used in this blog is Dreamstime ID 492063.

Photo credits: Lincolnrogers.

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Thank you, Reflectionslane!! God bless you!! (((HUGS)))


Amen! I look forward to seeing your religious images/graphics. Your goal alone is God-honoring already, I am sure His rewards await; it might not be in terms of sales or other monetary forms but we know that if it's from God, it is always grand!



I am blessed beyond words to wake up and see these encouraging comments. I could almost cry. Thank you Starblue, Patl, Chucky and Fultonsphoto!!!!!!!! (((HUGS)))


Welcome to DT! I have seen your web - very nice and interesting. I think spiritual images have a good chance for selling, and you have a very good advantage: you make them with heart and it is seen on images with spiritual/religious topics! Have a wonderful time!


 Great job 


classical originality !


Hi and welcome to DT. Have conviction in your beliefs and they will show in your images, good luck with them they do sell if original and especially if the concept is good, just take the image used above as an example level 5 already ;0)


Thank you David! Wow! I am so thrilled to have support. I didn't think religious/spiritual stock would be encouraged. I hope to get some new uploads very soon. And yes, I am really new!! :)


I see you are very new to DT and am sure religious images will go down well and be widely disseminated. I have done a few images in that vein and await more inspiration. Do not be put off if you get some rejections as I think we all do ! David.


Thank you guys!!! I saw two comments on here and I thought... uh oh, something bad. LOL - I guess I shouldn't be so pessimistic, huh?!

I have a couple images waiting to be reviewed... so we shall see. Hopefully I will be adding more in the days to come!!!


That's awesome! Good luck. I think that Jesus focused images can be uplifting and still sell well. I can't wait to see more of your work in this area.


An image of God it is very rare...waiting your graphics...

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