Photography:The Technology race

Canon and Nikon,two of the biggest brands of DSLRS have just released brand new cameras within days of each other.Canon announced their 40D and 1DsMkIII whereas Nikon announced their D300 and D3.

Days before Canon announced their new releases,users in a popular photography forum had a poll to determine if users would jump straight in and get the new Canon release.Majority voted no.Do i really need some of the new features?Some said.Well,out comes 40D,1DsMKIII and they're all selling off their 30Ds,1Ds.The most shocking sale i saw was the one of a 5D going for SGD$2500.

Just goes to show how much users are willing to lose just to own the latest camera in the market.There were even Nikon users selling whole systems.(NikonD80+grip+17-50F2.8+SB600 selling because i want to switch to 40D)

Well well,Nikon then comes out with D300 and D3!Now,the Nikon users are claiming the DARK side is back,Upzz for Nikon blah blah.There're some people in there who not so long ago claimed that they wanted to switch to Canon!

Canon and Nikon continually overtake each other in terms of features and technology.Users no longer care about how their camera can take good pictures without these new features.There are still people out there taking great pics with their 10Ds,20Ds,D50s.People want the best technology available right now simply because its new and no one has it.They believe that it makes them better photographers.But alas,sometimes they fail to realize that when they show others their pictures,no one will know if that picture was taken with a 40D,a D300 or even a 1DsMKIII

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