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After Jennifer Russel mentioned the New York Institute of Photography I did some more research where to learn more about photography. While the New York Institute of Photography does seem to provide a good training and to be recommendable, it also seems as some of the training material is outdated. So I looked around and asked in forums about other opportunities.

I was recommended to take a look at, they provide a free online photography course by Jodie Custon who won several awards for her photography: Click here. My first impression was wow! In this course is a lot of information in ten short lessons. The course was written in 2004 but people still discuss the course in the forum of this site.

Then I can recommend the digital Photography School. There you can find a lot of great tips. I have just read one article about group shots and I really like it. This definitely is a source I will attend more often.

I also found a link to this site Strobist

This is a quote of the website:"This website is about one thing: Teaching you how to use your small flashes, off camera, to get professional results."

I hope this post is helpful!

Happy learning :-)

P.S. Not to forget one great place to learn about photography is microstock. I learned a lot by just being a contributer to microstock and submitting images and looking at which images are successful and which are not.

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February 16, 2008


Thank you!! =)

August 20, 2007


Hi. Thanks for so many informations, helpfull ideas. I also found that microstocks are a great place to learn but still we have to learn finding good conclusions and sometimes it's quite hard to manage.
Thank you and good luck.

August 15, 2007


Strobist is much more then that. Strobist teaches you to see and understand light in all it's forms.

August 15, 2007


Very helpful, indeed. Thanks for sharing, Jan. By the way, I love all your "freezing pictures."

August 15, 2007


Thanks for sharing the links, they look GREAT :-) I fully agree with the last statement of this blog. I have also learnt a lot from Dreamstime. I have started with digital images. Then step by step seeing so manz beautiful photos, I have start to study photgraphing much more than before. Rejection of photos, watching successful photos, studying what kinds of photos are the most attractive... all these "lessons" are reallz useful for becoming better and better.

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