Photography To Me.

I have been an amateur photographer for some time now although I've been held back somewhat due to film developing and whatnot but when my wife purchased a digital camera for me 2 years ago it opened up a whole me world for me. Photography to me has always been about having fun and capturing the wonders of life in a picture because when you have that picture you have a moment frozen in time, never to be taken away. My older sister who is a professional photographer said that I should consider trying to make some money with my talent because she says I have the eye for it. I told her that if I did that, then it would not be fun anymore. I then decided to give it a shot and after some research I've ended up a registered member of DT and have just had my first two submissions go online with DT. Although I only joined DT a week ago I've learned so much about the technical side of photography by carefully reading why most of my photo's were refused for online admission. I thought that having two out of my first 15 uploads selected for online submission is great and it has only fueled my desire to take and upload more of my pictures.

I have found out how technically demanding photography is and how techniques and camera functions can affect the outcome of a picture. I live by one firm rule when it comes to photography and that rule is " If it does not look good to me it most certainly won't look good to someone else ". In the two years I've been involved with the digital end of photography I've gone through two point & shot cameras but I eventually outgrew them and found that they limited me in how much I could actually do with my photograph as far as processing is concerned.

So I decided to get out of the point & shot camera and get into the DSLR camera world because it would offer me more abilities when it comes to using either of my imaging programs on my computer. Although I'm sure some people will disagree with my choice but I purchased a Nikon D60 with a 18-55 mm lens and although I've only had it for a week now I find it very diversified and quite capable when it comes to the many ways to texture your image.

Hopefully you will begin to see more of my images on DT once I get myself more established and feel free to offer any type of comment concerning the Nikon D60 I purchased. My first love in photography is nature and landscapes and if I need to take 100 pictures to get the image I want I'll do so. I don't know if this would mean much to some people but I've found that sometime you just can't take the picture you have to make the picture. My biggest strength when it comes to taking pictures is my imagination and my ability to see a picture possibility before it becomes available. One of my favorite expressions is " You don't have to see what's next you just have to imagine it " and then the possibilities become endless.

Well I guess that will be all for now and please forgive me rambling on but photography to me is the ability to freeze that perfect moment in time and forever be able to return to that moment and relive it. Please feel free to offer any thought concerning this article especially concerning my choice in DSLR or the more technical side of photography.

Photo credits: Harold W Bradley.

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Nice to read this blog. You summed up what photography is very well.


D60 - that's mine camera, also! Have fun with it!


Nikon D60 is a good camera, as Waren said Nikon doesn't have any bad camera. its superb.


Welcome to DT, congrats on your 2 images being taken. I only had 1 approved in my first lot but I've learned heaps since being here. I still only have 12 online now, but each one still gives me pleasure when it's accepted. Keep on having fun and you can't go wrong :0)


Hi Harold and welcome to DT, congrats on your first 2 images and may you have continued success. As far as the D60 goes, I believe you can never buy a bad Nikon, but thats just my humble opinion, and it will give you greater ability than your point and shoots did.

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