Photography vs. Golf: persistence & patience...

It's been 40 days since I first join DT as a photo contributor. It's certainly not a "piece of cake" kind of business, I guess. I have uploaded around 100 photos to DT and only 19 photos got accepted and go on-line. This is one of the first batch of 4 photos got accepted at DT... the

Cerambycidae, and I'm very proud of my long-horned beetle photo. Thanks DT.

I've put up my best photos with the highest effort on pics I uploaded at DT...but they are not good enough I guess. That's why my AR stands only at 18.1%. No grumbles though. As a beginner and part-timer I have to learn more and more. And I have to upload more and more and more photos. I have to be persistent coz just like in golf, in photography persistence is golden. Here is the pic of my golf driver, a bit rusty...

As a newbie, having 19 photos online after 40 days is not too bad huh. The only thing is that.. it's rather discouraging that none of the photos has been sold/downloaded as yet... But that doesn't mean that I'm going to give up, coz I know, just like in golf, in photography patience is golden as well...

Here is the pic of my putter, brand new...

After all photography is fun and rewarding, hopefully...

. Good luck to all of us friends...

Photo credits: Abubjsm.

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August 18, 2010


thanks for your comment to my blog.
as for your article here, I can only say is learn to look at microstock as an entirely new kettle of fish. The appearance that "anyone can make money in microstock" because "the images that sell are so simplistic",etc..etc..etc..
is more than meets the eye.
No, it's not a "piece of cake". Many top contributors have been at it from wayyy back .. so they know about keywords, images that sell,etc..
Persistence is vital of course. But more importantly, fun is more what you should concentrate on, at this stage.
Golf? you say? well, why not do some self portraits of you doing golf?
I do a lot of self portraits, as you can see. One of the top sellers in micro stock that I know of, does just that... self portraits.
Why not you? It's a cinch getting yourself to sign a Model Release

July 06, 2010


Dont give up and learn from it. Perhaps, you can try to do some works before submitting. Review your works and touch up those needed to and choose your best photos to submit first. This will improves AR stands.

About downloads, this is depends demand on certain type of photos. Some really good photo just dont sell well and some least effort photos can sell like hot cake.

Just learn and improve and not to forget enjoy what you are doing.

July 02, 2010


Welcome to DT, don't give up - we all get those dreaded rejections - learn from them and eventually your AR will def get better - good luck and congratulations for your first 19 photos online :)

July 02, 2010


Thx for the kind remarks frm smartview, egometza, mariaam and scotsally2.

July 01, 2010


Beautiful photos! I wish you a lot of sales!

July 01, 2010


Welcome to DT..... You started just as many of us have started too, finding it a hard way to understand how microstock sites work. But you are doing great you only have to keep loading your images, learning and waiting for the sales to come. Wish you luck too.

July 01, 2010


Good luck to you too!

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