Photography - are you appreciating?

Photography is an art, correct and yes.

We appreciate what is around us that is why we take photographs of them.

However, I realise that in the process of achieving the final product and art piece, we lose the instantaneous appreciation of the subject.

For example,

Shooting sports photography, while trying to get that 'emotional' shots of the players' expression and action, we lose knowledge of the whole gameplay.

Shooting a dance concert indoor, we capture beautiful postures and poses for later appreciation but we paid the tickets to shoot and not enjoy the play as a sequence.

Shooting macro of insects, our eyes look near, never looking far and appreciating the environment.

The moment I saw this peacock I whipped out my camera, but have I even hesitated to appreciate its beauty?


Sometimes as photographers, do take a break, we need to appreciate things around us not by shooting, sometimes pure looking and thinking its a more pleasurable way of seeing the big picture. =)

Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.

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October 03, 2007


haha perhaps you got me wrong. I am not complaining or whining, its something i realise about myself. I am a photographer by pure passion and a hobbyist one. I'm writing this article to raise awareness that sometimes we need to take a break from that intensive shooting. =)

October 02, 2007


So sad than don't be a photographer, this is the profession,the joy and hard-work as a photographer but do you notice that a photographer always got the best view than no other people have, yet you complain .

October 02, 2007


haha i understand what you mean, of course you ought to know and expect what can happen example when is a soccer player going to kick a ball. Yet on the ground, you lose the opportunity of being a spectator and seat back to admire the game. As a photographer shooting away, you've got to constantly think and expect what can happen so that you can snap, also looking out for when the ball might come your camera's way. That's what I meant =)

October 02, 2007


Hi there,
Firstly i have to say sorry, I think you miss out something important about Photography here.
1)For sure photography is an art and a photographer is an artist, that why while shooting an event, gameplay or dance floor we see things difference from other. A good photographer should be able to see the entire picture the hole surroundings not just the players but the spectators also. He or she should know that one second before that magic moment happen and be ready to capture it.The joyful, cheering, happiness and disappointment of the spectators are very valuable asset. We are trying to bring the entire story to the world by picture, how can we bring it out if we never appreciate whats happening in it.
2)The name Photographer, who should name it, this is a question I like to ask. Do we call ourself photographer !! For me, No . Photographer is a status given by people who appreciate your works where they will insist only you to do the shooting for them.
This is only my personal point of view Ha Ha !!

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