Photojournalists, the frontline warriors who bring us news

I read up recently about kevin carter after viewing some pictures that were from all over the world, depicting conflict, atrocities, cruelty and sadness.

Those photos, mainly in black and white, captured the essence of humanity and that so many parts of the world is lacking or have not any respect for it.

Images of children and woman, their eyes reflecting the conflict and damage they seen, dirt on their faces, going against riot police etc. They only showed us how comfortable we are seated in front of our computers now.

Our counterparts on the other hand, are the ones who risk their lives charging in front of roaring protesters, in the middle of a gunbattle as well as many other engaging activities that would otherwise take their lives like any other.

The article that struck me most was the one about kevin carter. He had a photograph of a child dying and then got savaged by a vulture. That photo won him a prize but guilt got the better of him and he committed suicide. Could he have done something to save the boy?

A pity sometimes its hard for them to make decisions right in the middle of a stress nerving area and point of time. My respect for this heroes on a battlefield of their own.

Rest in peace Mr Carter

Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.

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November 13, 2007


My deepest respect to this people...

Mr.Lexus Struts

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