i am wondering how difficult it is to sell photos on this site?

  • Zeamer25
  • Brillion, United States

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August 15, 2007

Not like this.


August 06, 2007

Hi Mike,
I have been with dreamstime since 2005.As you can see I have still a very small portfolio compared with other photographers on this site.
But I try to upload good quality photo's.I am basically looking at it as a long term thing,and don't solely depend upon it as a full time income.But I'm very happy with my results on this site.Getting back to your question...Its not hard to sell if you are aware of what people are looking for.I suggest looking at the popular images on the front page to get a feel of what people are searching for, it shows you the key words also.

Hope I have encouraged you to look ahead and keep positive.
Regards Kellie