Photos in Action

I think I turned addicted on buying photos from DT. When I see that a photo is suitable for the subject it keeps bugging me till I get it :))

In order to put those photos in action I'll tell you the recipe:

1- Find a client that wants to advertise his business on the web;

2- Ask him for the contents (text and some photos);

3- Put your self behind the computer with photoshop and an HTML, CSS editor for a couple of hours;

4- Search DT on some photos related to the subject;

5- Download the photos and make the needed changes to adapt them;

© Gelpi
© Dash

6- Mix what you made in photoshop with the HTML code;

7- Use FTP to upload the mixture on the server.

VOILAAAA nice result that makes the client, DT, Photographers and Me happy :))

Have a look

Photo credits: Adamgregor, Daniel Dash, Jose Manuel Gelpi Diaz.

Your article must be written in English



Thanks Dmccale... Cheers ;)


you post are so cool


Thanks Nniud, a travel agency sounds great, I think I would make a subscription in this case, who knows maybe I will visit China by the help of the agency :))

Cheers ;)


nice work man, i like your work.
hopefully you'll find a travel agency interested into packages to China.... lots of pictures here about that!!!


Thanks Kasienka I appreciate it ;)

Creativei I think it's nice to do so also as a photographer it feels good.
About your photos, everything is possible my friend I just have to find where to use it and that's it, get me a client from Dubai :))

Desislava look at the bright side! You don't speak portuguese so the cursor served to keep you there playing :P :))

Thanks all, cheers ;)


Well Maen, you could make me also happy, downloading some of my images, :-) Or even placing that final product in My Site
Anyways thanks, for posting, I think even i should start posting all the pics I download from DT.


Yeah, but it grabs your attention and all I do is playing around with mouse instead of reading what the company offers :))


Hi Maen! I really like the site. I would keep the words following cursor. Them make the site unique.


Thanks all, I appreciate your opinions :)

Desislava I haven't think about serious site or funny, I just thought of a touch that could pay the attention and help the visitor to fix the company name and sector. I don't know if any of you is still remember the name because of that :))) But I would ask the client his opinion again.

Macdaddy we can see about it, why not? :)

Any more ideas? Please feel free... Cheers ;)


Nice work! And I like the words following the cursor. I think even very serious companies should have good sense of humour;)


Great work, Maen! Nice colors, nice style! Well done!
But if I were you, I wouldn't put those words following the cursor ... come on, it's a serious company site .. it doesn't fits something dragging behind!


Looks great! You make it sound so easy. I like the touch with letters following the cursor. Had a bit of fun making patterns with it ;0)

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