Photos I've bought - One from Tonygers

Another little mini-critique, using the credits I've earned from blogging. If you read these blogs with any regularity, you've seen the very helpful tutorials put together by Tonygers - so I thought it was time to shine a little light on one of his photos that caught my eye.

I like this photo a lot - and here's what really works for me:

1. Perfect exposure. Notice all the white in the walls of this building? Notice the perfect blue sky? Obviously, this photo was shot on a very sunny, bright day. Yet, all that white doesn't totally washout - the photo still maintains good details in the white. I think this is hard to do. Too many of my shots of "white things" in full sunlight get all washed out. Nice job here with exposure.

2. I like all the rounded curves in this photo. I count at least four: one in the lower right of the picture, one a bit higher, the dome of the building, and the rounded wall to the left. The photographer really caught a nice symmetry here of curves and rounded shapes.

3. The wall to the left draws my eye toward the left - toward infinity, while the rock cliffs in the far right of the picture draw my eye toward infinity in that direction. In short, it feels like a very three dimensional photo that almost wants to pull you into it.

4. There's another feeling that comes to mind - that of falling! That is, I feel like I'm perched on the edge of a precipice and could fall over. The boats down below let me know that I'm WAY up high... again, I think this works great for this photo - as it not only pulls me into it horizontally, but vertically as well.

5. Three other little details catch my eye. The open door at the top of the Mosque or church - catches my eye. What's back there? Could I climb up there and explore? Second, the little sprig of green in the foreground of the picture catches my eye, but not in a distracting way. I think it is a nice touch of green against the white walls of the building. Finally, the cross symbol on the top naturally catches the eye. Like the rest of the photo, it is sharp and detailed.

6. Finally, I always like the blue sky and blue water. They're deep blue and very inviting.

So, this is a great photo that really works for me - and has taught me some things that I'd like to accomplish with my photography.

Nice job!

How about a caption anyone?

Tonygers - can you share the background story for us?


Photo credits: Antony Mcaulay.

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August 28, 2007


Nice building but where's the door? No wonder nobody goes to church these days if they can't get in?

August 24, 2007


Tonygers - thanks for the nice photo and the background story. Enjoyed them both.
Astargirl - thanks for the encouragement - hope its helpful in a little way. It helps me anyway.

August 24, 2007


I like this little critique of photos you've purchased. It's very nice for the photographer, but it's fun to read, too. Keep it up!

August 24, 2007


Well firstly thanks very much for buying one of my pictures. As for the background story??? I was on holiday in santorini with my fiance, and it just caught my eye as i walked past it and looked back at it. I try to look at my photo's in a way that I think they would make great paintings as art is another love of mine. Photography is just something I have much to learn about but am enjoying the experience.

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