Photos that stand out Part 2

Some of you might have seen an earlier blog about photos that, for me, stood out in some way. Bettina (Bwagner656) pointed out that the majority had contrasting colours, which, when I looked back was right and yet at the time of posting, I hadn't realised. Since then, when I've been out with the camera, I've tried to look for colourful contrasts and so far, it's been more difficult than I thought. I'm still quite new to photography, so it's a case of trying to look at everything differently and not just from eye level, which again, is more difficult than I thought. But, it's enjoyable trying and my enthusiasm has only grown at each attempt.

So, here are a few more of other peoples photos that I feel have that certain something and I wish I could have taken. Again, the narrow crop doesn't do justice to these pictures, so it's well worth opening them to get a better look.

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July 27, 2017


Very impressive images!

July 26, 2017


Bright beautiful shots!

July 25, 2017


Nice selection, again! As for contrasts, it always sells well. Not only contrasting colors, but the topic too. Like, old and young, one person stnding out of a crowd, etc.

July 23, 2017


You have presented some great photos. Please see my blogs too. Have a great day ahead

July 22, 2017


nice works :)

July 22, 2017


nice idea. great pictures. :)

July 22, 2017


It's great you're learning to appreciate others' achievements. As with artists of all kinds, you progress by seeing what others have done.

July 21, 2017


great choices, love these photos!

July 21, 2017


Great selection! Thank you

July 21, 2017


All very different and all great shots by very good photographers!!

July 21, 2017


Very beautiful shots.

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