Photos taken to the success of several principles

Photos taken to the success of several principles, and the original digital color faithful sharing!

Make a fuss about photography is not to invite guests, as long as the move is not moving finger,

He is a very complex tertiary skills! These are the following when I

In learning photography, own heart Some notes! Post and the vast majority of perturbation

Video to share!

First, the need for professional photographers to the following conditions:

1, is a psychological quality sense, the creation of a special ability;

2, from the thinking of speaking, with the image of the unique flexible thinking and abstract thinking capacity, including discovery materials, performance materials capabilities;

3, in the knowledge and experiences, with deeper artistic accomplishment.

4, in the creation of art, with personal characteristics, has gradually formed its own style.

5, from the spiritual perspective on the art of photography love, perseverance and dedication to the pursuit.

Second, the idea of pre -

1, a good photo to have a theme. A good photo, can tell a story, to share a thought,

Or express feelings. In any case, the photos in a good performance by the people or things you should not only a

People are meaningful, we have all the significance of this principle called "universal."

2, a good photo is always to attract the attention of the audience to be the most important theme of the performance of the above things. I put this

Principle called "focused."

3, a good photo to "clear and concise", it is only those on the performance of the theme uptake crucial things, to the exclusion

Or compressed theme from the other things the role of decentralization.

3, seeks unconventional thinking in the specific application of photography from the following considerations:

1, photography angle

2, the changes in strength

3, the timing of the shooting

4, composition and the composition of the abnormal changes

5, the use of various lenses

6, techniques, and the integrated use of skills

7, the theme of renewal

8, the expansion of the field

9, the use of special tools

10, other art lessons and infiltration.

Fourth, in the image of the arts, we have three options to combine some objects in order to achieve special effects.

1, similar objects: Harmony

2, the difference larger objects: Comparison

3, entirely consistent with objects: repeat

5, photographic composition

1, I put it in a screen ****? Or put it in a departure from the position **** it can be highlighted?

2, it looks to be not much more to highlight it?

3, I was not revealed to give it some framework to make it obvious?

4, we should choose light to highlight it?

5, we should have a choice of focus to highlight it?

6, gathered in line to use to highlight?

7, should repeat the lines to highlight?

8, we should campaign to highlight it?

Photo credits: Tao Li.

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