Photoshop / Topaz Adjust Video Tutorial (italian)

Hi all, I'm glad to share with you my last Photoshop Video Tutorial (Italian):it's about the correct use of Topaz Adjust plug-in. Everyone know that Topaz Adjust easily produces terrific results: there's a kind of "topaz flu" in the photographic world. Less easy is to chose the proper setting, to know how to divide the image in different areas that need different "adjust", to use layers and their blend mode and opacity option, to get a more "natural" look.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world the tutorial is in italian, but this is of course a good news for italian photographers : there are so few Photoshop tutorials in our language... however I'm sure that it could be useful for all of you interested in Topaz Labs Adjust plug-in.

Photoshop / Topaz Adjust Video Tutorial



Photo credits: Roberto Caucino.

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September 26, 2009


Great tutorial. And Italian is very bello! I don't speak it, but I can recognize few words, and Photoshop is always Photoshop, no matter which language we use. Topaz Adjust is a very useful plugin too. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

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