pics from our 1100 mile peace walk across scotland and england

i'm a documentary filmmaker in post production on a film we shot in the United Kingdom called Peace Walker. It was shot over the course of a real 1100 mile walk from the north of Scotland( a very small place called John Ogroats) to Land's End England, on the Cornwall coast. It was an adventure, to say the least, and we have been getting a lot of attention with our videos prior to release on the internet, with over 2 million views on You Tube. One video, mostly shot in the north of Scotland, called Why Walk 1000 Miles and talks about Peace Pilgrim, the inspiration behind the film.It was voted one of the ten most inspirational videos of 2006. Why I am tell you all this?

For one, i want to introduce myself and two, im hoping that some of the people who have been following our journey will follow me here to Dreamstime and take a look at what im doing here, and maybe even decide to contribute themselves.

The shot of the red deer was taken on the very remote Glen Loth Road near Kinbrace in Scotland. This road is even impassable in the winter, but in the summer it clears and is quite stunning.

As you can see, sometimes the only warm blooded creatures around to welcome us were farm animals.They definitely outnumbered humans in Scotland. They seemed to come in all shapes and colors. Do you think these look like easter lambs?

One of our favorite places on the trip and our favorite town in England was Bath.. Its really fantastic, with its stunning architecture, great restaurants and good vibe. This shot was taken at the Royal Crescent and is considered one of England's most important and historic buildings.. There is a super exclusive hotel there and i was fortunate enough that they played host for one night.. it was awesome.

There wasnt too much downtime on the trip. We were on the move much of the time, but one day, on the coast of Devon, I was able to sneak away to the beach for an hour.

It was actually a little colder than it looked, thus the blanket.

I love England and Scotland.. the people there were amazing and will always be close to my heart.. I hope to return again and again.. but there are benefits be being home too..

Photo credits: Tara Golden.

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