Picture quality suffers with zooming

I do not know, if this is the right place to ask a question from fellow photographers.

I have a Sony DSLR F-828. Good one.

But, I have a problem. When I take pictures with full zoom, ( optical zoom only ), I find that the pictures quality suffers.

The sharpness suffers. Even during sun light shots, with ample ambient light, my picture remains poor quality. I have taken shots of sun set, and get disappointed when compare my pictures with those which are already on dreams time.

Can some one please give me some reason on it?

The image here is not mine, but this is what i like, and I want to take pics like this.

Photo credits: Serban Enache.


Your article must be written in English

May 09, 2008


But, frankly do not know where is this Forum, and may be I am not too net savvy.

Forum (Message Boards) for all Dreamtimers
Hope that helps,

May 08, 2008


Hi Galaxyindia,
you may want to use the tripod in order to try to eliminate distortion and noise that effect the sharphness of your images, if your camera doesn't have the image stabilization.

May 07, 2008


I looked up the specs of your camera, and the reason you are getting distortion is because of the camera itself, not the fact that you are zooming. It's a nice camera, but it isn't very high-end. It also does not have image stabilization, which can cause distortation. No offense, but this is more along the lines of what I would consider a starter DSLR camera rather than a high-end one to use for frequent stock photos.

May 07, 2008


I think this kind of stuff is supposed to go in the forums, not the blogs.

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