A picture of theatre is worth a dictionary

With a midnight deadline (tonight!) I am rustling together the 50 words for a Fringe brochure listing, that will best describe my show (a drama set in Famagusta, Cyprus examining divisions when two ex pat brits cannot cross to the South after being part of an anti fracking protest). In brackets there I have already used 26 words and not even told you where you can see it!

Once I had found the right artist, it took two days to create the image to describe the show but finding the right words to convey the complexities division brings is a long haul and beyond the power of my computer thesaurus.

Fingers crossed the picture I have selected (a pencil sketch of ruins) tells the story for me. There are pictures that explain emotions for which there are no words.

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Photo credits: Eti Swinford, Saniphoto.