Pictures that do sell and do not (personal experience)

By this moment I have 242 sales, which include different types of images. There are some facts I've found...


Artistic pictures like these above that took a great deal of time usually sell very bad (and mostly - by subscription) or don't sell at all. This is a biggest disappointment, to be sure. But there are two exceptions that brought me 21$ and 18$ when others - zero or usually 0.42$


Sketches sell surprisingly well, even when their colored variants have no sales at all.


Borders and frames sell well if hand drawn and don't sell at all if they are collage or vector


Crayon drawings (I have few of them) sell very good. All they have at least 1 sale. These two shown above have 4 and 6 sales.


The fact that childish art can be sold was a great surprise to me. I've uploaded 29 images I've found in our family archive and 7 of them have found their buyers already.


My collages do not sell. These two have 1 and 2 sales, another picture has 1, others 36 are still at zero.


These photos have 4 sales each, others were not so lucky. I'm a poor photographer, I know. Photos are the factor that keeps my acceptance ration at 58%


I also have some watercolors and they are doing well, so it's a pity I have no opportunity to make more right now.


And my vectors were just a waste of time. I'm not going to make any more of them.

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

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May 05, 2010


Yes, drawings do sell well :) Good luck to you)

May 05, 2010


You have cool photos and drawings! I never thought that drawings can be sold like that! I have some drawings myself, so thank you for the idea!
I love your blue cat watching that bird! It`s so cute!
Good luck and many many sales!

May 05, 2010


Thank you :) No, I don't photograph drawings, I just scan them.

May 05, 2010


Your lemon tree is exceptionally good.
How do you do it? Draw them and take a photograph of it ?

February 13, 2010


Interesting - I have several hand drawn illustrations and only one that is a sketch has sold, and it's sold more than once. I come to the same conclusion as you. :) Except that I have had computer generated illustration sales - the simplest of those sell better than many pictures that took me a lot of time to set up. :)

February 07, 2010


Your water color images are very beautiful.. lemon & orange trees also interesting... And Vectors also selling very well here. thats my personal experience.. try some different concepts..
Good Luck

February 07, 2010


Thank you for the suggestions, but you have to think about the future and not only at the present. Maybe The images that now aren't sold, in the future will be sell. I always think the airbrushing technique: until a few years ago many illustrators used this technique to create images, now it's the time to photoshop and similar softwares......who knows what the desingers will ask in a few years?
I send you a rose :-)

February 07, 2010


Hi Olga!

Your portfolio is great! To improve your sales, I will suggest you to do the following: work with the keywords. You have plenty of room to fill 80 unique and descriptive keyword for each of your work.
Success, lots of inspiration and downloads! (and uploads of course too).

February 06, 2010


Very nice blog, but esp. very nice images! You have so interesting and nice style! I wish you to have a big successes with your illustration!

February 05, 2010


keep up the good work:)

February 05, 2010


I've always admired your lemon tree. I really appreciate the time that must have gone into it. You have an interesting and varied portfolio.

February 05, 2010


Your images are all very good and I am sure in time they will all sell.

February 05, 2010


Some pictures are drawn in Photoshop (like the first two in this blog). Pencil drawings and watercolors are scanned.

February 04, 2010


very nice art work.I am wondering how you turn these into digital images?Scan or photo them?

February 04, 2010


Thanks for sharing this with us. I was just thinking, that maybe the different styles of work you have maybe need different subjects to sell well. Like the watercolours you show here are landscapes. The sketches are maybe more fantasy/science fiction. Maybe the vectors need to be a different concept to sell. So each style of work sells well in a different concept of image. Hope that makes sense. lol. Cheers Carol :) PS, I love the blue cat too :)

February 04, 2010



Thank you for taking the time to post this information for us! It's very helpful :-)

February 04, 2010


It's great news.

February 04, 2010


You got nice illustrations in your portfolio,maybe some of your work not sale now but will sale in the future:)Wish you luck!Great blog also:)

February 04, 2010


interesting opinion

February 04, 2010


I agree with mani, nice blog, and good to know what people buy. Hey Mani you are stuck with blue color.

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