Pictures I Love

Here is one of the pictures I mostly love. It has 666 views(one should not be superstitious) but ZERO sales:

hen coop

The following one I love it mostly because it is my best seller and then for her visual qualities. When I shot it I never thought it will sell that good.

sunset road

Another one I love is the following illustration. When I done it I thought I was simply playing. She is a good seller too.

Sun Summer

My Dream?


Wish you all the same!!!

Photo credits: Ilie Cristian Ionescu.
Ilie Cristian Ionescu
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  • Bucuresti, Romania
Anything could be expressed through picture. The hard job is to find the right picture. Work can sort it out. Creativity is work, not a magico-mystical game.

Each and every morning I take a look into Forbes to see the richest people on the Earth. If I am not listed I go out for a shoot then come back for upload.

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November 24, 2010

667- Now. Sorry. It is a bit run-down, isn't it? Even for chickens? Won't clever Mr Fox, twirl his moustache whiskers, lick his lips and happily walk in?
But "HEN-COOP by June74"- now that's dedication to hens.
It's nicer than many people's houses (well at least my dog's and probably less smelly)!!
Lovely work- very much enjoy seeing a Central/Eastern European perspective.


September 04, 2008

Hello my friend. It is interesting to see which photos sell and which ones don't. It is always a surprise, isn't it? I, too, love your sunset photo and can see why it is such a good seller--many concepts can be associated with it. I also love your illustration. He makes me smile. See? :-) :-) :-)


September 04, 2008

Love the sunset picture! Keep shooting ;)
Dimitar from Bulgaria