Pictures with the X-Ray film. How to increase the sales and not to be

The X-Ray film (XRF) is popular subject on medical pictures. It can be used alone, with people or for emotional enhancement.

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Photographer can play with XRF as he likes without taking care about any regulations if image is illustrating the funny story or some abstract topic.

But if we are expecting downloads for the medical professional purpose the ABC of Radiology has to be taken into consideration.

A. The medical practitioner always is EXAMINING the film on the LIGHT BOX. If somebody is holding the XRF in hand(s) and LOOKING on it against the white wall, window,…….., it is only LOOOKING , Holding and doesn’t , matter how beautiful is your shoot. So ‘’ examining’’ in the name or description of picture means: Film on Light Box.

B.Always looking at film as the patient is in front of you & his (her) head is over heels (!).

For the brief review around 200 pictures were found by the simple searching of the “Chest X-Ray film”.

-5 images were turned UPSIDE to DOWN.

-15 shoots have mistake with LEFT & RIGHT side. For orientation: Heart is on the Left side of chest and Liver is on the Right side of abdomen.

C.The photography and description has to correlate ( & pay attention to details). For exmpl., the happy child with the XRF of adult & more of that, with the pathological changings (unless if it is specified). The shoulder & abdominal X-ray is not the chest XRF, even if the part of it is there.

D. Never hesitate to take professional advice.

E.The personal or sensitive information has to be removed.

Finally, do not forget that grate pictures is always bringing massage!

And I wish you to be healthy and have a lot of sales!

Photo credits: Konstantin Sutyagin, Pichayasri, Rvvelde, Gualtiero Boffi.

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September 03, 2012


Dear Onime, thanks for comment. You can use this experience to create medical related pictures for your nice portfolio.

September 02, 2012


nice blog... but, X-Ray film photos of your remind me of my accident last year :(

August 30, 2012


Thank you for comment! It is true. I think to have generic , stock oriented pictures & more sales, better to avoid very rare ‘’exotic’’ situation (unless, it has to be specified on description). To me, the ’’Simple is Best’’. Again, thank you for comment & have a lot of sales!

August 29, 2012


you are right with some of your suggestiona... but heart is not always on left side... and liver not on the right side in every case...

August 28, 2012


Thanks for comment! I am happy to be helpful.

August 27, 2012


made me laugh, great advice!

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