The piece of Bali


Playing on Balinese Kendang

Balinese Graffiti on the Wall

Hindu Altar in Bali

Parked Fishing Boats on the Beach, Amed, Bali

Undulating Piece of Cloth

Street Art: Turn Back Now

Old Photographic Film

Two Canoes on the Beach

Water Palace Ujung in Bali

Ramshackle building

Photo credits: Nikol Senkyrikova.

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June 30, 2015


Babar760: I was living there for one year and when I went back to CZ I was sooo sad, because I love Indonesia more than anything else. But actually I¨m getting married in November with local man, after that I will live in Indonesia for ever, I hope. :)

June 30, 2015


Great photos. Thanks for the information

June 30, 2015


Great photos, Nikol! Thanks for sharing!

June 30, 2015


I agree, Bali is a beautiful place to do a lot of photos, congratulations!

June 30, 2015


Nice pictures.....big change going from CZ to Bali. Did you decide to move there after a visit? Probably hard to get a decent job and impossible as a photographer. Unless you hitch up with a hotel and "try" to do wedding photographs.

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