Pimply face, snort nosed models

So what do you do with pimply faced, snort nosed wannabe models? Although you can tell him or her to *bleep* off, a photographer has to always be polite (most of the time) to the models. So next best thing to do is to focus on a smoother body part and give it a good background blur with shallow DOF. And for good measure crop out half of the face like so. You won't have to spend the next 2 weeks smoothing out the face in Photoshop. This technique only works for stock. If you're commission to take portraits shots of someone say for a wedding then it is a different story ...

Photo credits: Shuttlecock.

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February 14, 2008


I would take pictures of them, but only the ugliest ones because they would have more 'impact' in representing problems like acne, dry skin, fangs, scars, third ear, etc. lol... Actually, you could do some pretty creative things with ugly folk and while they may not be the best sellers, some people are willing to adopt and love them, like poor Netty here...


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