Pirates from Caribbean

© Aje
I found Jack Sparrow on DT, of course not the real one but he is suchlike him.

Got some searching at once but have not found pirate ships with black sails like Black Pearl similar but not the same and no other characters form the movie, but some of requisites like key to chest with treasure or pirate’s compass that shows direction to thing that you really desire.

Lots of wonderful shots of Caribbean beaches, sea and flora, and made a collection Pirates from Caribbean named by to honored one of my favorite movies.

p.s. Of course if you have some shots to my collection leave a comment with its URL o ID.

Photo credits: Aje, J Vd, Bobby Deal, Dana Rothstein.

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March 19, 2008


Thanksfor using my images in your blog post. The Capt. Jack impersonator is a very serious man who takes his impersonation to the top level. Even to the point of finding his way (with his favorite photographer in tow) onboard the REAL BLACK PEARL http://www.realdealphotography.smugmug.com/gallery/1855918_a8yfz

I can't offer them as stock due to a lack of a property release from Disney but you might enjoy the photos none the less.

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