Pirenopolis in Brazil for the weekend

I typically work weekends from the hotel when away on work trips - it gets me home faster and it means I don't drag colleagues into the office over their weekend too. This past trip was to Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. I was fortunate to be taken on a road trip by my host to the old historical Portuguese gold town Pirenopolis. It is about a two hours drive from Brasilia through rolling agricultural land and in itself is a worthwhile drive. When we arrived the most striking thing about the town was the old adobe architecture and gorgeous curved cobble stone streets.

It was a conflicted situation wanting to spend ALL my time wandering and photographing the many wonderful sites and spending time with/not holding my wonderful hosts back from doing what they REALLY wanted to do (rather than wait for a gringo photographing anything and everything in sight). In the end I had great opportunities and am very grateful for a chance to visit a great little city.

We arrived there on Saturday at lunch time and ate a huge lunch at a wonderful barbecue. I was able to photograph the historic church during lunch and then we trapped by heavy rain.

We then chanced it and drove on to the first falls - Abade.

The view back to the town was stormy and cloudy.

During the next few hours we got to Vargem Grande falls

-- and the Cachoeira Santa Maria waterfalls as well.

We stayed at a cute hotel with hammocks hanging in the front of the rooms

and each room looked onto the lovely gardens.

We pulled over on the side of the road heading back to Brasilia as there was a crowd formed around what ended up being a gigantic snake.

So in the end the weekend included many great photographing opportunities. During a previous trip I got to the Itiquira falls as well which were well worthwhile.

If you get the chance to go it is a wonderful place in an amazing country.

Photo credits: Bevanward.

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March 09, 2011


Thanks for the comments all - one more beautiful photogenic place on this amazing planet!

March 09, 2011


Nice pictures,congrats... :)

March 08, 2011


Lovely place!

March 08, 2011


It is beautiful place.

March 08, 2011


What a great place! Thanks for sharing!

March 08, 2011


great waterfall.thanks for share

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