Hi to all!

I have found a new page on stock photography:


I don't know if it is real, but there you can see some of your pictures...

I guess it's real, because it say "powered by dreamstime".

I think it's a good idea to increase the dreamstime sales!

Photo credits: Antoni Vicens.

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March 08, 2010


"Exclusive" Dreamstime members now have some of their photos on ********?....Has ******** chosen what they consider to be the best images from portfolios as not all are available on their site? Some of these images are good sellers on DREAMSTIME but show as "no downloads" suggesting that the contributor concerned has "no sales"...Apparently when a Dreamstime image is downloaded from ********, the photographer is paid through Dreamstime, but there is no record of this on the ******** site....Who are ******** anyway???

March 02, 2010


Here is a link to a mini review - seems our images also get sold there. It seems to be a site that gives buyers access to multiple sites (seamlessly?) and instant purchase with VISA in dollars rather than credits. They differ in that they also allow uploads to their site as well, meaning they are a stock agency of sorts...


I've been a member since last year according to their stats, but haven't seen a single sale. I also notice that they don't have anything close to my latest images - only about half of my portfolio.

March 02, 2010


Well... I have look a litle more... and I've seen images from different micorstock websites... and now I'm not sure about it...
In any way, if it is for more downloaded... welcome!

March 02, 2010


Is this true? I know ******** is owned by other company...but since it's written is a "******** dream team"....

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