Place that I like, South alp, France

Maybe one of the beautifulest places in Automn, when the trees cover the mountain with some lightfull and warm colors...

Then, walking or driving along the small road make you discover an irresistible landscape, always different.

That location is particularly sensitiv to me because these roads and these mountains I have been lucky enough to travel through them with my grand parents and some other of the family... ...My 2 grand parents were originally coming the area. The picture of the wood caban was the view of my grand mother's room when she was a young institutor at the school of the village... How lucky doesn't have changed, well the view... The road is better, and electricity is there... TV also...:) and these weren't, she had a lot of fun but pretty cold too :)

Well, ... most of the peole are not living there anymore all the year long... because conditions of living are still very hard... A lot of villages are still isolated some part of the year...transport time to the city is too long and so dangerous everyday..and what work to do there... But as it is a so nice place for holydays a lot of village have been rebuilt and life goes again for each holydays... There are many things to do...when I was a child, I was fascinated by some location which were looking like a fairie story for true...the spontenous shape that can take some rock or some relief are just like a natural symphony for the ones who like form and shape. ...Some sunny days maybe spectacular and the transition between light and dark, hotness and coldness, dryness and humidity are contributing to the magical of the alps, and particularly to the south french alps, also called Alpes de hautes Provence

Photo credits: Sophie Martin.

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September 12, 2008


hola, bueno dia tanbem el andalous! ...

September 10, 2008


Sympa ce petit blog d'automne...

Un petit Hola! depuis l'andalousie!


September 09, 2008


yes! ... spring, summer, automn, winter ...always something nice ...
Anyway, welcome, I've seen you're quit new in dreamstime and I really like your portefolio :)

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