Place that I like : the south of France, the Calanques

Nice climate with a lot of sun and wind and so beautiful landscape.

I would like to speak a better english to express that with nice phrase as it deserves...but ...

Mountain, hills, sea.... Everything is there!

Small port, small village....Beach with rocks, beach with sand....Small beach anyway, for the lovers, or for the family.....

Some wind to sail ... or to fish ...or just apreciate time ...playing cards with friends, reading a so book, or only dreaming about whatever...

I have live there for few months and I have so much nostalgia about the long walk, or the long drive around...about the calm, and the tranquility.

Calm, serenity is exactly what inspire the mediterranean sea ...Beauty also...The coastline is irregular and so much differents from Perpignan to Nice. Some area are flat some else so rocky and mountainous...One of my favorite place is the Calanque and most the picture around have been taken on that area, closed to Marseille....

Anyway, I'm sure I'm going to write more about these place...

Photo credits: Sophie Martin.

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February 21, 2008


oui c'est très beau et ça me manque un peu pour tout dire :)
(BTW merci :) )
So nice place indeed :)

February 19, 2008


souvenirs, souvenirs... Cassis etait l'une de mes destinations preferee etant jeune... Oui, magnifique region, indeed! ;O) (BTW, site et boulot sympa Sophie)

February 19, 2008


Thanks! Wow... it's a beautiful place indeed. I just love mountains and water...

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