Place that I like : the south of Spain, Andalucia

I should say that I love. Perhaps because it looks like very exotic for an european. I mean that is a very arid place, and the most of Andalucia can be considered as a desert.

A desert where a lot of American western have been shooted in the 60s.

And indeed when I've been there I thought that I could be in some area like Texas or Arizona, and I was expected to see

some cow boy or buffalo arriving at the horizon. But well we are in the 3rd centery, then nothing happens except sun, and hotness...

Around 12 pm, the exact meaning of "siesta" come to your body...meaning or necessity.... what is the interrest to do something else with the calor...anyway

The yellow/red tonality is mainly given by the color of the earth and despite the aridity some people seem to try to cultivate field.

But Andalucia is not only the desert, that is also mountain and sea .

Some nice villa are facing the sea, telling you how life can be comfortable for some of us.

But in that part of Andalucia the urbanization has followed a traditional way of building and has avoided the big building that border the Mediterranean Sea. Like this the sea landscape is still picturesque and open.

In some other place you face wonderful panoramic with some hills or even mountain diving to the sea...

Well that more or less the reasons to say that I truly like Andalucia.

Photo credits: Sophie Martin.

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j'ai adoré !!!
Quelle chance de vivre à Grenade
Merci pour tes compliments


Très sympa ton article.
Tes photos sont vraiment très représentatives des paysages andalous.
Je vis à Grenade depuis 10 ans et je suis toujours content de savoir que mes compatriotes ont aimé cette région.
Hasta luego!


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