Place Your Bets! Which Image Will Sell First?

So, I got an idea from a comment left on my previous Blog post ( ). Brian said he thought that my "Pumpkin Stem" image would be the first to register a sale.

It got me thinking - you all are the experts and are currently selling images left and right - I would love to hear from you guys about which image of mine you think is the most likely to be that lucky first sale. So, please go ahead and take a look and let us all know which image in my portfolio you think is going to be the first to sell.

Unfortunately, there is no prize for the winner. You will simply be allowed to bask in your pre-cognitive prowess and gloat and brag about how sharp your predictive powers are in selecting images that are likely to sell.

I can't wait to hear what you all have to say . . .

Ben O.

Photo credits: Ben O'neal.

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My mistake, Mani33 - you nailed it. I can't believe how many people graciously stopped by to play. Let's keep guessing as to which image will sell next . . .


Correction Ben you have two winners here :))
I bet on that one first! And Creativei has made it true :)
Many more to come! Cheers ;)


The blue car will be the first!


Hi Ben i have a good feeling about this one. I wish you good luck!! Sunflower and Blue Sky Background 


Well, we have a winner! And it isn't even the image I would have put my money on. This microstock thing is so confusing sometimes - the images that I feel really strongly about never sell and the others that I don't have that "feeling" about - do exceptionally well. Thanks so much to Creativei for "rigging" the contest.


I guess now we are all trying to guess big sale #2 . . .


Well i was busy and missed your last blog, I bet this is the image which will open your account.  Blue Sky Leaf Frond  This is a lovely image and I'm sure you will have a download withing next few hours.


Puzzle pieces for sure!


This is fun. I love hearing from other members here at Dreamstime. Thanks so much for all your "edumicated" guesses.


I would guess this one, and second would be the one chosen by Brad.

 Puzzle Pieces Background 


Blue Sky Leaf! Sounds with a good name that sells all year! My bet goes there ;)


I'll put my bet on the windmill image, seems alternative energy is getting alot of attention these days.


Thanks, I'm having a blast for sure. The people here at Dreamstime are super cool and I am enjoying getting to know a few a little better through the blogs and by checking out their portfolios. I guess a little money wouldn't hurt, though, huh?


I thought that they are very good images.


I'm going with this one:

 Antique Typewriter Keys 

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