Plain Stealing

So... I was informed yesterday by a dear friend that my husband's image is posted on Facebook:

ArtPics Image

It came complete with a "Wow! Please share this photo" description!

It was credited to someone else, not to Georges Kyrillos.

This was enough to make me panic. Then I saw the number of shares and how things were getting out of control very quickly. I did comment, I did sent the page a message to please remove the image, & I did file a Facebook complaint for copyrights infringement.

Very few people responded positively (0 response from the page, though), but most were sarcastic and disrespectful to my comments. Here's an example of someone who tried giving me lessons in marketing:

His comment was "Eliane Haykal I removed the image from my page, may your husbands career as a stock photographer wither in obscurity." & he even made a post on his page Prevea Art & Imports which all us Stock Photographers whose work gets stolen should benefit from!!!! People are unbelievable.

Any help in commenting on these Facebook pages, or any advice on how we should proceed to stop this would be greatly appreciated.

This is the image in question:

Photo credits: Georges Kyrillos.

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Will be checking Blogger then from now on...
For us, it was more than 1,200 shares!!


Nonsense act! :( That totally hurts the photographer himself. It happened with one of our friends. He used two water marks. They could remove his watermark easily which was not on the subject but ignored the small one which was on the subject. When he discovered it the damage has happened already. Over 100 shares etc.... :(


Far worse than Facebook is (Google's) Blogger, who do their best to ostracize the person complaining about the theft of their intellectual property and make lame excuses such as 'we're just a content site blah blah blah'.


Yes it got resolved, before being contacted by Facebook as to our complaint!


Eliane, I am so sorry this happened to you and George. Do you have any updates to share with us? Like resolution, I hope? :( *hugs* to you both.


So sorry that happened. Hope it gets resolved.


How people can do this, I can't understand :S


Glad you caught this....I didn't see it on FB tho. I found a guy on FB who was using and claiming one of my pictures of my grandson, to be his own profile picture. We got it shut down...(his FB site).


Hello Eliane and George,
That is really aweful.
Youwork so hard and then have this happen.
Good luck.


*lol* I agree. I didn't see anything disrespectful in what you said either.

No need to apologize. I tend to get involved in copyright stuff. Stealing from one hurts all of us. I appreciate you backing me up.


Just to be clear, my initial request was:
"Please bring this image down, its author - my husband - sells it as stock. Not to be "shared" for free on Facebook: link"
Nothing disrespectful about this & nothing to provoke his harsh reply.
I have printscreens of the whole thing :)

He's talking about ethics it seems not legal / illegal issues as he stated regarding your photo! The thing is that there's plenty of lack of logic in his comment on your 7th century icon photo. I replied to him with:
"Ethics? The painter of that icon sold it (or maybe donated it) to be publicly displayed. He wasn't still benefiting from his copyrights like in our case. That's the whole difference."
Sorry Cynthia for making you go into this :S


Update: We may have a peace treaty *lol*

Oh my, I think he may be itching for a fight still. I left a polite comment: You have some beautiful images on your page. Perhaps you do not realize that stock photography is a bit different from fine art. DT does not sell prints and the web size images in a photographer's portfolio are sold for use in blogs, etc. not given away. I am sure that you were not aware the image was not properly credited, which makes any promotional value a moot point. Thank you for removing the image at Eliane's request. on his page on October 26.

Then I linked to my photo that sold here to tell my friends about it. This is a photo of a religious icon that is hundreds of years old and I get this comment:

Quick question, I take it that this a photo of someelse's work?

You can see it on my Fun Photography page here:
Fun Photography

Since this work is hundreds of years old and well past copyright protection, I am not sure what he is getting at, but I am waiting to see. Imma getting ready to put up my dukes!


Celia, I know!! When I started clicking on people's profiles who shared it, I saw some who put it as their profile/cover photo!
@Giannit: Thankfully, they removed it, but as Celiaak said, the damage was done...
@Angkawijaya92: exactly.


The copyright infringement in that page is blatant.
Sorry to hear about how things went out of control. Sometimes people save the image and start a new thread, and even if the first is removed, not all the others.
Nice to know we can file a complaint in some else behalf.


It's not correct... I think that this image must be removed....


It's so sad when people loosing respect to what other's efforts. That's stealing in any language!


You were the first


Oh, you've written blog on here, just now saw it but I'm happy other contributors helped you and everything was solved as quickly as possible!


Thank you...

@Silent47: did you succeed removing it?
@Tomatika: I didn't ask, maybe she "liked" that page which had 700,000+ fans or just by coincidence - I'm very thankful for her anyway!
@Bobbrooky: I sometime do it too, but always dread it beforehand :P
@Thanatonautii: that and I think they should be respectful if you are polite with them :)
@Cammeraydave: very true, it's just that many don't consider this stealing :S


Well done. How did your friend find the image? Facebook is huge....


Not Fair ! I hate to think about how many images out there are being stolen like this.


Sorry to hear that! Hope that people will mind their own business one day!


This happened to me too!


Well done Eliane for being vigilant, and finding this. I often use google image search to see if any images of mine are being used without consent, good luck to you and your husband.


Thank you!
Cynthia: the shares automatically get removed once the source image is :) However, I saw many put it as their cover photo, that I couldn't do anything about except emailing them and nicely explaining they don't have the right to use it this way...


I am glad you were able to get it removed. I hope that takes care of the shares as well.


They remove it, you did the right thing... We have to check from time to time where our work is used...


No I should be the one to announce it :D Thanks a lot for everyone - no idea what caused it: the comments, the FB forms (do they work that fast), the messages, my friends, ... :)


It got removed :D :D Thank you all who contributed in helping me :)


Thanks a lot dear Massimo & James.
Georges never posts his images on FB & if I do, it's always with DT's watermark. The thing here is that ArtPics got it from someone else, credited him for the artwork, & bam posted it and let the sharing snowball start.

The good thing is that I found out one can submit a copyrights infringement form on the behalf of someone else. Nice to know!

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