…today…it is night actually, I am working to some new projects: autumn season, Christmas stuff…concepts, ideas, research.

What I want to tell you is I really like stock photography! Why? Because it gives me freedom and also the great opportunity to organize myself very, very well!

It is such a great feeling to plan, to action, to shoot!

I know and I’ve been implemented a lot of theory from project management area!

I composed a lot of strategies and projects!

But this project, my photography project is the real winner!

Have a great week!


Photo credits: Dragos Daniel Iliescu.

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September 28, 2009



September 27, 2009


Very funny. I was just about to consider financial planning when I saw the title of your post ! I agree with you if one has an innovative mind getting ideas for images is a very creative and satisfying process. But as a newcomer I found the model and property release business a difficult barrier to overcome but am now getting over that 'phobia'. Also I thought at first good landscape shots would be enough but studying what sells has changed that view. Clearly one needs to be up with the news and pictures should be suited to current affairs and crises in the world. David.

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