Planning September...

Despite August being another best month ever for me in terms of number of sales and revenue it was a poor month for inspiration and uploads!

September is a month for me that signifies the end of the hard work on our little small holding and the completion of our harvest with one or two significant jobs to do before we sit down and enjoy Autumn and Winter. I am determined this month to reach my 400th image on line and possibly even a payday (just 40 away at the moment interms of uploads but the payday may be being a little hopeful) and I have spent a little time planning some photo shoots to hopefully reach that goal.

First plan surrounds our grape harvest, we produce about 80 litres of red wine from our grapes and they are almost ready to be harvested and crushed so I should be able to produce some interesting images as we have a lovely, if slightly industrial looking cast iron grape press that needs to be broken out of storage!

Secondly we are expecting another visit from my Mother in Law this month so I have arranged a night stop over in Budapest prior to her arrival and I am going to use it to spend a day and a night in the city to take photographs before we spend a week unwinding! It looks as though there is a pretty nice (almost) full moon rise over the steeples of Szent Istvan at a nice time of the evening (just as the sun goes down) that is visible from a lovely spot in the old part of town folowed the morning after by a sunrise in the same spot from another lovely part of town.

And finally I also have a new toy to play with that I have only just started using, but I recently bought a 10 stop ND Filter with a view to really cutting down light on my daytime shots and putting together some city/town motion blur shots similar to the one opposite. I have lots of ideas in my head and there seems to be fairly little in terms of volumes of pictures on DT using this technique. I am sure I will write a bloggy review thingy me watsit once I get to grips with my kit and get some piccies on line


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September 05, 2011


Good luck!!!

September 03, 2011


Good luck

September 03, 2011


Thanks all, will be keeping my fingers crossed :D

@ David, I am aware of a couple of sites wher you can "publish" your book and set the sales rolling but I think it would be down to you to promote them, not sure if anyone has done it successfully but I'll be oin it just for me :)

September 03, 2011


Great plans you have there! I hope that all will come true! Good luck!

September 02, 2011


For me August was terrible in sales, I hope Septemeber is much better. Good luck.

September 02, 2011


Good luck for the future work, we hope to post many beautiful pictures and just to sell! ^ _ ^

September 02, 2011


Cant wait for your grape harvest photo, should be interesting.

September 02, 2011


Do photo books make money ? Have you heard of any that have been a financial success ? David.

September 02, 2011


I think it's a good idea to plan what you want to shot! Enjoy your grape harvest and take nice photos :-) bye, Francesca

September 02, 2011


Thanks Meryll :D

David, I did actually start putting together a photobook but never really got round to finishing it as there always something that needs doing until we get to the depths of winter! I am hoöpefully going to get me a new website up and running this winter and maybe just maybe finsh off my photo book lol.

September 02, 2011


I am impressed by your creativity and it makes me think about your lifestyle............ have you thought of an illustrated book brimming over with your lovely images of tomatoes, carrots, grapes, etc David.

September 02, 2011


Beautiful portfolio!

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